SN: 111527 - 2019 / Y1609

The Lake, River and Homes

Year Round Walk

Hosted in a traditional start box

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Safeway Grocery Store

From Thu, Jan 3rd to Tue, Dec 31st

Open from 6:00am to 1:00am, Daily

Special programs

Ice Cream Parlors

Lady Liberty Special Program

Points of Reference

State Street Sashay

Walking the USA A - Z

Long description

YRE 1609 is rated 2B and is available 6:00am to 1:00am, daily. This walk takes you to the Willamette River, through some of the recently improved areas along State Street by Oswego Lake, a chance to stop at the Lake Oswego Fine Arts Center, before traveling through some of the older parts of Lake Oswego, to include some Uphill areas. You will walk around part of Oswego Lake and back into Downtown Lake Oswego to the Finish.

Distance: 5k/10k, Rating: 2B

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: medium

Wheelchairs: hard


Ask for the "WALK BOX" at the Customer Service Counter. Restroom is available at the back of Store to the Left of the Pharmacy. Challenges: (AVA) Centurion & Fifty States (WOC) Galleries, Gazebos, Gnomes, Historic Homes & Jewelry. WASHINGTON STATE CHALLENGES: Restaurants (American, Asian & Mexican) Birth to Death - Church-Vows & Schools. Public Transit info @

Awards and fees: IVV Credit Only

Driving to the start box

401 A Ave, Lake Oswego, OR. Directions from I-5 NORTHBOUND: Exit #288 (I-205 N) to Exit # 3, go across the overpass on Stafford Rd to McVey Rd, follow McVey Rd to State St. At traffic light turn left onto State St and continue to A Ave (you will cross RR tracks prior to A Ave), Left onto A Ave and go to 4th St, turn right into the Safeway parking lot. I-5 SOUTHBOUND: Exit # 292. Turn Left onto Kruse Way /Lake Oswego. Go to Boones Ferry Rd. urn Left at Boones Ferry Rd to Country Club Rd (be in right lane). Turn Right onto Country Club Rd and the name will change to A Ave, continue to just prior to 4th St and turn left into the Safeway parking lot. Please park on either of the side areas of their parking lot!! Go to the Customer Service Counter and "Ask for the Walk Box" (a small blue lid file tote).

Columbia River Volkssport Club

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