SN: 111669 - 2019 / Y2289

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Year Round Walk

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Mountain Crossing, Walasi-Yi Center, Neels Gap Trail head

Appalachian Trail Georgia, Georgia

From Tue, Jan 1st to Tue, Dec 31st

Open from Daily - Dawn to Dusk or Overnight

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Appalachian Trail

Border Crossings

Long description

The Appalachian Trail in Georgia. The terrain is up and down in most areas and trail difficulty is between 3C to 5D. Allow extra time to complete your hike. Always check weather conditions before planning your hike. You are advised not to walk the trail alone. Hiking shoes/boots and hiking sticks are recommended. The entire 78.6 miles of the AT (plus the approach trail)in Georgia is sanctioned as an extended distance event. There is a link on the Georgia Walkers website ( identifying eight segments (plus the approach trail) that can be hiked in Georgia. There are many additional areas that you may chose to hike. You are not limited to the sections recommended. You may do an out and back, southbound or northbound, anywhere you have access to the trail.

Distance: 4K, Rating: 42


Pets: Yes

Strollers: None

Wheelchairs: None


You must register and pay $3 for each day (or multi-day) you walk. Event credit and distance credit for the amount walked may be taken each day. The directions and insert cards are PDFs that you can download and print as needed. The entire online process should take less than 10 minutes for first time users.

Awards and fees: IVV Credit Only

OSB - First register for the event

The detailed location of, and driving directions to, the event starting point are included in the walk directions, downloaded from the AVA Online Start Box. The POC does not provide event directions nor accept alternate payment methods.

Georgia Walkers

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