SN: 113285 - 2019 / Y0856


Seasonal Walk

Hosted in a traditional start box

Newcastle, Wyoming

Deckers Food Center

Starting Mon, Apr 1st until Mon, Sep 30th

Open from 8:00 am to closing

Special programs

Bridges - Spanning the USA

Doin' The Louisiana Purchase

Ice Cream Parlors

Little Free Libraries

Points of Reference

Take a Walk In a City Park

Vice Presidential Walks

Walk the USA - Street by Street

Walking the USA A - Z

Long description

Newcastle is located in the Northeast section of Wyoming Business Hours: 8 am to closing (Call 307-746-2779) May be closed on major holidays. Walk through town on sidewalks and a bike path and pass by historic buildings, several city parks and points of interest. Alternate trail info in the registration box.

Distance: 5K/10K, Rating: 1A

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: easy

Wheelchairs: easy


Elevation: 4327 feet

Awards and fees: IVV Credit Only

Driving to the start box

709 W Main Street (RT 16 Business) Newcastle, WY (Courtesy Counter) (307) 746-2779

Black Hills Volkssport Assn.

Event website:

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