SN: 113628 - 2019

ESVA Walkers Roundup In Winthrop - Mazama Bike

Traditional Bike

Mazama, Washington

The BARN in Winthrop

Starting Thu, Sep 19th for 5 days

Open from 9/20-22/2019 8:00am-1:00pm, Finish by 4:00pm

Special programs

This event doesn't have any special Programs assigned.

Long description

Upper Methow Valley Bike event (13 mi. west of Winthrop). Bike on paved county roads with river and mountain views. Bike 10K up river and 8 1/2K down river from the parking lot or 21K back to Winthrop. Registration and helmets are required on all riders. Mapped ride.

Distance: 17K/20K/21K, Rating: 1A

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: NO

Wheelchairs: medium


Registration is available on Thursday 9/19/2019 at Washington Pass Overlook. Registration available at the BARN on 9/20-22/2019. Must register at the BARN on 9/22/2019 if planning to bike Mazama on 9/23/2019.

Awards and fees: IVV Credit Only

Driving to the start

51 WA SR20 in Winthrop, WA. SR20 East and West, the BARN is located on the west side of downtown Winthrop.

Central Washington Sun Striders

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