SN: 114408 - 2020 / Y1837

The event is closed

what is the event


Year Round Walk

where is the event

Redlands, California

San Bernardino

The address/location for the physical start box (PSB) is as follows:

Redlands Family YMCA

WARNING: The map pin is for reference only and may not accurately indicate the start box location or the event start.

when is the event

The event is closed

From Wed, Jan 1st, 2020 to Dec 31st, 2020

Start box available: M-F 5am-9:30pm, Sat 7am-6pm, Sun 11am-6pm

reasons to do the event

Special programs

Points of Reference

Treasure Hunt - A way to walk our precious trails

United States Post Offices

Walking the USA A - Z

Long description

Hours : M-F 5am-9:30pm, Sat 7am-6pm, Sun 11am-6pm. 11K route consists of streets, sidewalks, curbs, and dirt/gravel road shoulders. Includes two city parks; Footlighters Theater; historic Asistencia Mission (now part of the county museum); Redlands Bowl; Abraham Lincoln Memorial Shrine; Morrey Mansion; and Redlands Community Hospital. 5K route is centered around the Asistencia.

conditions for the event

Distance: 11K / 5K, Rating: 2A

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: Medium

Wheelchairs: Hard


Main entrance YMCA, start box is kept behind the main information desk--the staff will give you the box upon request. YMCA staff doesn't have information.Staff will not handle cash. Allow staff to wait on patrons first. Make checks payable to "GVG." Carry water on route. Both routes feature several buildings honored by the Redlands Conservancy as exceptional "Adaptively Reused Older Buildings"; the Adaptive Reuse movement is valuable for historic preservation, economic redevelopment, and as a "green" initiative.

Awards and fees: B Award

how to get to the event

Driving to the start box

500 E Citrus. For directions, see Redlands - Downtown entry. After you register, follow driving instructions on walking instructions page to remote start/finish point several miles away.

event sponsor

Green Valley Gaiters, Inc.

Event website:

point of contact

Click inside the box to send an email to the POC.