SN: 118823 - 2021

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what is the event

20x21 Mural Project

Traditional Walk

where is the event

Eugene, Oregon

The address/location for the start table is as follows:

Kiwanis Park area. North of Skinner Butte

when is the event

The event is closed

Starting Sat, Apr 3rd, 2021 for 1 day

Start table open: 9:00 am to Noon

reasons to do the event

Special programs

This event doesn't have any special Programs assigned.

Long description

Join us during National Walk Week (April 1 thru 7) Walk on paved paths and sidewalks in sections of historic areas of downtown Eugene and enjoy viewing 19 of the more than twenty newly painted Murals on various buildings on the walk route. These were done by a selection of international artists and will culminate with a competition between artist in 2021.

conditions for the event

Distance: 10k/5k, Rating: 1A

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: Easy

Wheelchairs: Medium


This walk will not be marked with ribbons or arrows, so follow directions and/or map carefully. Because of the COVID restrictions masked will be required. Registration will be from 9am-NOON at which time book stamping will be done prior to walking. Rest rooms are available at the start/finish and at some business locations. Please bring your own water. Pets are permitted, but not in buildings. Cleanup and leash laws apply. Challenges will be posted at the start. If you desire to Pre-Register contact Don Reed at his website or by phone. This can be done up until 5 days prior to the walk date. Challenges and SP's. WOC: Arches, Antique Shop, Banks, Barbershop, Bike Shop, City Hall, Depots, Deli, Eyes, Entertainment, Emergency, Firehouse, Galleries, Hotel, Historic Home, Images, italian, Ink, Irish, Justice, Japanese, Java, Jewelry, Library, Murals, Museum, Monuments, Noodles, Outlets, Parks, Playground, Palm Trees, Quilt, Railroad, River, Roses, Rec. Center, Salon/Spa, Statue, Skate park, Trials, Trails, Used, Water Holes, Waterway, AVA: Ice Cream Parlor, Rock Around the Clock. ESVA: Brewery, Historic Train Station, Front line Hero's.

Awards and fees:

how to get to the event

Driving to the start

248 Cheshire Ave. Eugene OR. I-5 from North or South, exit 194B Go West on 105. Then, Exit 2 cross Ferry Street bridge and Right on 3rd Ave. Right on High Street, continue Left on Cheshire Ave. drive 1/2 mile to parking area on the right.

event sponsor

Albany Fitwalkers (AVA-0474)

Event website:

point of contact

Click inside the box to send an email to the POC.