Sooo!! You think there are no traditional events in Kentucky because it is a clubless state. Hook up with the Mid-America Regional Director for National Walking Week at the General Butler State Park.

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National Walking Week KY Event 2

Traditional Guided Walk

SN: 124182 - 2023

when is the event

Previous event - 250 DAYS AGO

Starting Tue, Apr 4th, 2023 for 1 day

Start table open: REGISTRATION: 9 AM TO 9:30 AM (EASTERN)WALK START 9:30 AM

where is the event

Carrollton, Kentucky

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reasons to do the event

Special programs

None provided

CC: Carroll County


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Event comments

The 11-K and 6-K routes will incorporate the Park's existing trail system, most notably the the Fossil Trail along the scenic bluffs overlooking the Ohio River. Walkers on all distances will also have opportunities to visit the historic Butler-Turpin House and Butler Cemetery.

conditions for the event

Rating: 2B, Distance: 6, 11km

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: No

Wheelchairs: No

Event information

NO Free Walkers. As an event hosted by the Regional Director, the event serves two purposes. First, it is a fund raising activity for the American Volkssport Association.Second, it is to attract attention to Volkssporting with the goal of generating local interest for Club formation in a currently clubless state. If you have a National Walking Week T-Shirt, please wear. Currently active Volkssporters may be conscripted on-site to assist with the event. Recommend walkers use their walking sticks because of a natural surface trail with inclines. Recommend walkers carry water along the route.


how to get to the event

Driving to the start

Start Point is in the parking area of the Butler-Turpin House at 1608 US Highway 227, Carrollton, KY 41008. From I-71 Kentucky Exit 44 take US 27 Northbound toward Carrollton. At its intersection with the General Butler Park Road Turn Left onto the Park Road, and follow it through the park to the Butler-Turpin House. Turn Left into the parking area for the Butler-Turpin House, where you will encounter IVV signage.

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event sponsor

AVA - Mid-America Region (REG-MA)

point of contact

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