SN: 114645 - 2020 / Y2256

Our only Long Island year round event! Port Jefferson was an important ship building center on Long Island's north shore. Stroll through the historic downtown harbor and beautiful residential areas.

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Port Jefferson Jaunt

Year Round Walk

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Port Jefferson Harbor
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Port Jefferson, New york

From Wed, Jan 1st to Thu, Dec 31st

Open from Daylight hours

Special programs

Ice Cream Parlors

Little Free Libraries

Make a Wish at a Water Fountain

Mayflower - 400th Anniversary Walk

Points of Reference

Rockin' Around the Clock

Take a Walk In a City Park

Treasure Hunt - A way to walk our precious trails

United States Post Offices

Walk the USA - Street by Street

Walking America's Ports of Call

Walking the USA A - Z

Long description

Walk passes through the town of Port Jefferson as well as numerous historic homes located in Suffolk County (Long Island), NY.

Distance: 10k/5k, Rating: 2A

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: Hard

Wheelchairs: Hard


PPSF Downloaded walk directions will include an option to park at Bridgeport, CT, then take the Ferry to Port Jefferson as a pedestrian (requires paid ticket) then join the walk near the ferry dock in Port Jefferson.

Awards and fees: IVV Credit Only

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Liberty Bell Wanderers

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