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Cross the Delaware River and PA/NY border, like a mule pulling a canal boat, using the magnificently restored Roebling Aqueduct with numerous information signs. Pass the Zane Grey Home and Museum.

Roebling Aqueduct

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Roebling Aqueduct Bridge

Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania


From Tue, Jan 1st to Tue, Dec 31st

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Long description

This walk features crossing the Delaware River via the Roebling Aqueduct (Bridge) from PA to NY and back. The 1847 bridge, designed by and built under the supervision of John A. Roebling (future engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge), is the oldest suspension bridge in the US and originally served as an aqueduct to transport canal boats over the Delaware River. The bridge has been recently fully restored including numerous historical signs showing its use as an Aqueduct. The walk also passes the Zane Grey Museum (free in season).

Distance: 5k/10k, Rating: 1A

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: medium

Wheelchairs: medium


There are "modern" pit toilets next to the start/finish point parking lot. When open restrooms are also available at the Zane Grey Museum. The museum is closed starting the last week of October through Memorial Day.

Awards and fees: IVV Credit Only

OSB - First register for the event

The detailed location of, and driving directions to, the event starting point are included in the walk directions, downloaded from the AVA Online Start Box. The POC does not provide event directions nor accept alternate payment methods.

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