SN: 114617 - 2020 / Y0622

Walk starts in Morrisville PA crosses the Delaware River into the capitol government complex of Trenton, NJ, passing the William Trent House. Both the 5K & 10 K walks go by the NJ Capitol building.

what is the event

Year Round Walk

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where is the event

Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Bucks County

The address/location to the physical start box (PSB) for mapping services such as Google or Siri is as follows:

Quality Inn & Suites7 S. Pennsylvania Ave.Morrisville, PA 19067

WARNING: The map pin is for reference only and may not accurately indicate the start box location or the event start.

when is the event

From Wed, Jan 1st, 2020 to Dec 31st, 2020

reasons to do the event

Special programs

Border Crossings

Bridges - Spanning the USA

Ice Cream Parlors

Little Free Libraries

Make a Wish at a Water Fountain

State Capital

State Street Sashay

Take a Walk In a City Park

Treasure Hunt - A way to walk our precious trails

Vice Presidential Walks

Walk the USA - Street by Street

Walking America's Ports of Call

Walking the Path of Inventions

Walking the USA A - Z

Long description

Daily dawn to dusk. Trail starts in Morrisville, PA then goes across the Delaware River into the state government complex of Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, where you walk past a beautiful World War II Memorial, and a barracks building with a long history of housing British soldiers during the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War. On the Pennsylvania side, the trail goes through the business district, scenic residential areas, and a section along the towpath of the Delaware Canal State Park.

conditions for the event

Distance: 10K/5K, Rating: 1B

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: Medium

Wheelchairs: Medium


Access to start point may be affected by COVID-19 virus.

Awards and fees: IVV Credit Only

how to get to the event

Driving to the start box

7 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Morrisville 19067 (215-428-2600) From NJ: Take Rt 1 South to Delaware River toll bridge. After passing through toll booth, take first exit (less than 1 mile from toll booth), Pennsylvania Ave toward Morrisville. Right on Pennsylvania Ave 1 block to Quality Inn & Suites on the left. From PA: Take Rt 1 North toward Trenton. Ignore left hand off ramp to Morrisville and continue on Rt 1 for approx 1 mile to Pennsylvania Ave (last exit in PA). Left onto Pennsylvania Ave and continue 1 block to Quality Inn & Suites.

event sponsor

Liberty Bell Wanderers

Event website:

point of contact

Click inside the box to send an email to the POC.