SN: 113035 - 2019 / Y1886

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Orange County

Year Round Walk

San Juan Capistrano, California

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The event is closed

From Tue, Jan 1st, 2019 to Dec 31st, 2019

Start times: Daylight hours, 365 days a year

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Points of Reference

Take a Walk In a City Park

Treasure Hunt - A way to walk our precious trails

Walk the USA - Street by Street

Long description

For a view of old California and a world-renowned California Mission, this is the route to take. The walk goes by the Mission San Juan Capistrano (separate tour), along the San Juan Creek on a bike and horse trail, through Old San Juan and the Historic Los Rios District.

Distance: 10k, 5k option, Rating: 1A

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: Medium

Wheelchairs: Medium


Route qualifies for Oregon's 4H's and 4J's programs. Event supported by Neil Cohen.

Awards and fees: IVV Credit Only

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