SN: 117142 - 2021 / Y1439

THPRD Re-opened Hrs: M-F 7-7

Hosted on the Online Start Box (OSB)

what is the event

Waterhouse Boardwalk

Year Round Walk

where is the event

Beaverton, Oregon

Washington County

This event has a physical start box (PSB) as well as being hosted on the Online Start Box (OSB). The address/location for the PSB is as follows:

Tualatin Hills Park & Rec. District Athletic Center (THPRD)

WARNING: The map pin is for reference only and may not accurately indicate the start box location or the event start.

when is the event

From Fri, Jan 1st, 2021 to Dec 31st, 2021

Start box available: Covid Hrs: M-F 7-7

reasons to do the event

Special programs

Walking the USA, A - Z

Long description

Walk daylight hours. Walk goes through wetlands, woods, parks, neighborhoods, and the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation Center area. Enjoy nature while walking along scenic boardwalks and through neighborhood streets and connecting pathways. Also walk through Elmonica area and by Max Station. Heavy or prolonged rain can result in submerged or muddy sections.

conditions for the event

Distance: 10km/5km, Rating: 1B

Restrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

Strollers: Medium

Wheelchairs: NO


WOC: Italian, Java, Palm Trees, Park, Pedestrian Bridge, Playground, Birds & Beasts, Recreation Center, Skate Park, Swimming Pool, Sticks & Stones 10k has Nursery, Nuts, Orchards, Railroad

Awards and fees: IVV Credit Only

how to get to the event

OSB - First register for the event

The detailed location of, and driving directions to, the event starting point are included in the event directions, downloaded from the Online Start Box (OSB). To plan your travels, please use the map on this page. The POC does not provide event directions nor accept alternate payment methods.

This event also has a physical start box. These are the driving directions:

50 NW 158th. Hwy 26 W, Exit 65 (Cornell Rd/Bethany Blvd). Left on Cornell Rd, then Left on 158th. Left into parking lot. Athletic Center is at back of parking lot between soccer field and outdoor basketball courts. Walk box is a white stand-alone box inside the building along right side just past service counter.

PLEASE do not mix and match between the two registration methods. It will confuse you and the club. Choose one, OSB or PSB, to complete the event.

event sponsor

Cedar Milers (AVA-0549)

Event website:

point of contact

Click inside the box to send an email to the POC.