Upcoming Fests

Upcoming Fests help

The information on this page shows all of the upcoming fests. The year and month of the fest is indicated on the light blue lines.

You may get more information on a particular fest by clicking on the button for that fest.

You may create or edit a fest if you have my.ava.org club management privileges.

To create a new fest for this list or edit an existing fest hosted by your club, you need to follow these procedures

  1. Login to my.ava.org using your username and password.
  2. Click on your club's button to invoke your club management privileges.
  3. Click on the "Find a ..." tab on the top-right of the screen.
  4. Click on the button.
  5. Click on the button. This will take you to the "Create or Edit Fest" page.


In order to create a new Fest or edit an existing one (by using the button to the right), you must login to my.ava.org and have club management privileges. Please click on the button for more information.

In the table below, the button displays further information about the selected fest.

The following fests information has been collected from flyers, brochures, Facebook, etc.

Please submit any corrections or additions to at_rd@ava.org.

Details Add Dates Name Location Status
2021 - October
30 31st Annual Sea Witch and Fiddler's Festival Rehoboth Beach, DE Scheduled
2021 - November
04 - 07 Fall Foliage Festival of Walks State College, PA Scheduled
05 - 07 Walk Around Florida 30 Daytona Beach, FL Scheduled
2021 - December
10 - 12 Christmastime in Colonial Williamsburg Williamsburg, VA Scheduled
31 - 01 Remembering Bill Brabant Savage, MD Scheduled
2022 - January
14 - 15 5th Annual Martin Luther King Weekend Amelia Island, FL Postponed
2022 - February
18 - 20 Texas Trail Roundup San Antonio, TX Scheduled
2022 - April
01 - 08 National Walking Week National Scheduled
22 - 24 Wild and Woodsy in Washington Olympia, WA Scheduled
2022 - June
17 - 19 Mid America Regional Conference Dayton, OH Scheduled
2023 - January
13 - 16 Martin Luther King Weekend Amelia Island, FL Scheduled
2023 - February
19 - 23 18th IVV Olympiad and Texas Trail Roundup IML San Antonio, TX Scheduled