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How to search for an event:

Search by name: Use this page to search for an event if you know something about the name or the city. Two or three characters may be enough. 'ze' will find 'Zelienople', but also 'A maze of trails', and 'Hazel Dell'.

Search by map: Click on 'Lookup using map' if you know roughly where the event is geographically, or you want to find events at your destination.

Search by state: Click on 'Lookup by state' if you know the state that hosts the event, then you have the option of filtering the events to find specific types of events. The filter is comprehensive and allows you to narrow down to what you want. There are a lot of 1A traditional events with a 5K option if that is what you feel comfortable with.

Legacy listing: This link will take you to the old web site where the sanctions were displayed. Please note that these old listings will disappear by the end of 2020 as sanctioning will no longer occur on that system.