Atlantic Region Upcoming Traditional Events for the 30 Days

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2021 - August
14 Walk 2A Columbia, MD 118811 - Summer Walk Columbia Volksmarch Club
See the best of wooded paths and ponds in Columbia
14 Walk 1B Princeton, NJ 118938 - Princeton Towpath Princeton Area Walkers
The Delaware & Raritan Canal, built in the 1830s connected the Delaware River to the Raritan River. The canal system was dug mostly by hand tools by mostly Irish immigrants.
18 Walk 2B Greenbelt, MD 116039 - Underpasses & Lake Historic Greenbelt Great Greenbelt Volksmarchers, Inc.
Greenbelt was the largest of FDR's New Deal towns modeled after Europe's “Garden City” concept. Today Greenbelt’s extensive system of pedestrian paths make for a fascinating walking tour.
21 Walk 1A Hagerstown, MD 116452 - Augustober Fest Antietam Pathfinders Volksmarch Club, Inc.
START POINT MOVED - Hagerstown German Festival at University Plaza, 60 W Washington St, Hagerstown. This is new start pt
The Augustoberfest Event pays tribute to the area's rich German heritage and supports scholarships for exchange students to Hagerstown's Sister City - Wesel, Germany. This 25th annual event will featu