Find a club on the map

There are too many clubs to show a list. On a map, click a location. Pan (by clicking and dragging) and zoom (with your mouse wheel) on the larger map to show greater detail.

Map help


Each red dot on the maps denotes a club. When the dot is well within the edges of the larger map, the icon is changed to a number, and the club link is displayed. It's pointless (forgive the pun) if you cannot read the number.

The limit is 12 club links shown at a time. Simply zoom in to where there are 12 dots or less in the area of interest.

The numbers and order of the clubs change as you move around. It's intended to work that way. The javascript that drives the display is quite complicated.

The two smaller maps are locked to not move. Click in the map to quickly take you to Alaska or Hawaii.