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What is purpose of the Lingo FAQ?

Most organizations who have been around for a while use a number of terms or abbreviations to refer to features, objects, or processes specific to that organization. This organization language is often referred to as "Lingo". The rest of this FAQ section is meant to provide a list of commonly used AVA lingo.

What is the AVA?

AVA stands for the American Volkssport Association (aka, America's Walking Club). The AVA is a non-profit organization that sponsors (via its member clubs) amateur, non-competitive sporting events appropriate for all age groups. See the website, and in particular the "About Us" menu selection. The AVA is a member of the IVV.

What is the IVV?

IVV stands for Internationaler VolkssportVerband (aka, The International Federation of Popular Sports). See the website,

What is an AVA Event?

AVA clubs sponsor different types and categories of amateur, non-competitive sporting events. The most common event type is walking; but clubs often sponsor bike, swimming, snowshoeing, etc. events. Event categories include a single day (TE), year round (YRE) and seasonal (SE). Those participating in an AVA event are required to first register (including sign the AVA Athletic Waiver) for the event.

Where do I find more information (aka event details) for an AVA Event?

Click on the "Event" tab, then use one of the event search features indicated on this page to list a summary of one or more events. Then click on the "View" button for a particular listed event to see the event details.

What is a TE?

TE stands for Traditional Event and refers to a single day event. Many years ago, the only possible event category was a single day event. When the AVA introduced (created the event categories) Year Round (YRE) and Seasonal (SE) events, the single day events became known as, traditional events. A TE can be sanctioned for more than one day, but an event participant is expected to register (or pre-register), start, and complete the event within a single day during the sanctioning period.

How do I register for a TE?

Unless specified otherwise in the event details, the TE's sponsoring club provides a staffed start table near or at the event starting point on the day of the event where an event/walk participant registers, pays event fees, picks up directions, later checks-in after completing the event, and has their AVA books stamped. On-site TE registration is often limited to a few hours and some clubs support pre-registration via email/mail. See the event details for a TE of interest.

What is a YRE or SE?

YRE stands for Year Round Event. SE stands for Seasonal Event. The year round and seasonal event categories are the same as "permanent trails" sponsored by Volkssporting clubs in other countries. YRE/SEs are self-guided events available throughout the year (YRE) or a few months of the year (SE).

How do I register for a YRE or SE?

Registration for a YRE or SE typically requires using a "Start Box" to register and complete the event/walk. The starting point of a YRE/SE is NOT staffed, a start box provides a self-service means to register/complete an event. (Some YRE/SEs only support registering/completion via a email/mail.) Start boxes come in 2 varieties Physical (PSB) or Online (OSB). For YRE/SEs having a PSB, the event details provide directions to get to the location of the start box.

What does OSB and OSB/PSB mean?

OSB stands for Online Start Box. PSB stands for Physical Start Box. When using a "Find a..." page feature to search and list events, the indication "OSB" means the listed YRE/SE only supports event registration/completion using the Online Start Box feature. See the FAQ, "Online Start Box". An "OSB/PSB" indication means the listed YRE/SE supports both a physical start box at or near the event starting point OR the use of the online start box to register/complete the event. A listed YRE/SE with neither an OSB nor OSB/PSB indication typically means the event supports only a physical start box. But it can also mean the sponsoring club supports an alternative registration/completion scheme, typically via email/mail. See the event details.

What does TRAV mean?

TRAV stands for a Traveling Guided event which is a particular type of TE. Typically, all AVA events provide a unique stamp for every event that a participant uses to "stamp" their AVA books. Stamps for Traveling Guided (TG) events are not different for each event. Instead, a club gets a single stamp for its first TG event of the year. The same stamp is used for the rest of the year for later TG events sponsored by the same club.

What is a Group Walk?

Local Clubs often conduct regular "Group Walks" where, on a specific date and time, they walk a particular YRE/SE as a group. Such locally scheduled occasions are typically available to the public. But club group walks are NOT listed on the website. Instead, most clubs list their group walks on their club website, send emails, advertise on Facebook, and/or post on Meetup. Click on the "Club" tab, to search for a particular club and display club website, contact information.

What is a Special Program?

The AVA approves club sponsorship of specific "Special Programs" (SPs). An SP is defined by a class of Points Of Interest (POI) and rules for determining what POIs are in the program. An example of a past SP is "Ice Cream Parlors". Passing a SP POI during an event, qualifies the participant for SP credit. Using this credit requires first purchasing the applicable SP book from the club that sponsors the SP (typically not the club who sponsors the event), then using the applicable AVA event stamp to stamp the SP book . Once SP program book has the required number of stamps, the book should be sent to the SP sponsor for an award, typically a patch or pin. Click on the "Sp. Prog" tab to display links for viewing current, future, and past SPs.