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What is wrong with good-old physical start boxes?

Start boxes require visits by club volunteers to stock them with materials and to record quarterly participation for payments to AVA. Other issues are vandalism, pilferage, loss of the host (or no suitable host could be found).

We want to have a regular start box and be on the OSB. How do we do that?

Having both an Online Start Box and a regular Physical Start Box (PSB), for an event at the same time, is now supported. For now, put the directions for location of the PSB in the ESR Event Comments field (using the legacy ESR system). Then follow the directions in the next FAQ item, "How does a club put an event onto the OSB?".

How does a club put an event onto the OSB?

In the club account, click the 'Sanctions' tab, then 'OSB' tab Click 'edit' for the event. Follow the directions on the page. You will need to create PDF containing the event directions. There are specific content requirements for OSB event directions. See the "Club OSB Management" tutorials (>"find a ..."->Tutorial). Upon completing the indicated steps on the OSB edit page, click 'Request approval'.

What is the purpose of the required items in the directions? They are not on our other directions.

Well they should be. These items are required by law and our insurance to protect the club and the POC especially when the directions can be easily accessed by anyone anywhere.

Why are the directions to the start required in the walk directions only and not in the sanctioning information?

There has been too much confusion when the directions to the start are included in sanction. People have driven to the start, looked for the start box, and of course there isn't one.

I have an update to the directions, what do I do.

Simply upload the new directions in the form. 'Sanctions', 'OSB', then 'Edit'. The new directions will be approved and then made public. The old directions remain active during this process.

How do we see who is registered for the event?

The 'Reports' tab, provides sign in sheets with the electronic signature. These sheets show only those people who have completed the event. Registrations on the OSB are too easy to make and delete, and do not provide any useful information.

Who handles the participation on the OSB?

The OSB system automatically enters your participation numbers. They can never be late and as POC you do not need to worry about this.

Why can my numbers for a quarter change during the next month?

If someone completes the event in late December, they have four weeks to get back from vacation and finish the event, it may be late January before the quarter can be closed. Remember that the OSB participation is automatically entered so it can never be late.

How does the club get it's event money?

The event money earned by the club becomes a credit against participation fees due to the AVA. In the event that the club has earned more than the participation fees, a check will be sent to the club.

Does my club need to pay for rubber stamps for our OSB events?

Your club does not have to pay for the first stamp. All it takes is marking a simple check box to request one, and can be done later in the year as needed. Most clubs neither want nor need a stamp for an OSB event, so the default is No Stamp. If the club also has a Physical Start Box for the event, then they automatically are sent a stamp for the PSB at no charge (first is free). At any time, a club can request more stamps for an event, but they cost $5 each (as of Nov. 2020).

Do I need a computer printer? Must it be a color printer?

You will need a computer printer to produce a copy of the trail directions for an event, and to print stamped insert cards after completing an event. Many OSB trail directions include color maps which are often much easier to follow in color than in black-and-white, so a color printer is a plus. In addition, the stamped insert cards often look better in color, but are not REQUIRED to be in color to obtain IVV credit.