Adding Club Management Privileges to your Personal Account

With club management privileges you may manage a club's and Legacy ESR event features (including OSB events) from your personal account. You will need your club's login credentials to set up club privileges for your account. Once set up, you will only need to use your personal login credentials to access the club's event management interface in the future.
Here are the steps to set up club management privileges:

  1. You need to have previously created a personal account on (See the tutorial: Creating a User Account)
  2. Login to your personal account.
  3. Click on the "My Profile" tab. This will display the "My Connections" Page.
  4. Enter your club's AVA ESR login credentials in the "MANAGE A CLUB / CLUB EVENTS" section, located near the bottom left of this page. Below is an image of this section on the "My Connections" page.
    IMPORTANT: Enter only lowercase letters for any letters that are a part of your login ID or password.

Club Credential Entry

  1. After entering the club login ID (username) and password, click "Give me club management access". A popup message will appear indicating success or failure.
  2. Click on "My Account" at the top right to return to your account status page. Notice a new "Club Management" button has been created under "CLUBS. PEOPLE... THAT I CAN MANAGE".
  3. Below is an image of such a "Club Management" button after doing the above procedure for a particular club (Liberty Bell Wanderers)

Club Management Button

This new "Club Management" button will remain part of your personal account configuration and available upon subsequent logins. Clicking on a "Club Management" button takes the user to the club's home page on Feel free to click on any of the tabs on club's interface to explore the many features available to clubs and use the Legacy ESR access buttons on the Club home and Sanctions pages.